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In the menu you’ll find information for preparation and for taking care of your new tattoo. Furthermore you can have a look at the services we can offer you and the styles we tattoo.

What we offer to you

Free Hand

custom designed tattoos – the way you imagine it

Cover up

reworking „old“ tattoos or completly changing an older design you already have

Body Suits

From designing to finishing a full body tattoo


award winning photorealism and portraits


The day you’ll get your new tattoo in our studio you should be well rested. Your body will be exposed to some stress during tattooing.

It’ s best for your cardiovascular system to have eaten before. Have a light meal, nothing greasy.

Bring a candy bar or some fresh fruits to keep you fit during our session.

We can offer you a variety of drinks. Just ask our team.

Drugs, alcohol and coffee are taboo on the day you get your tattoo. They act as a blood thinner and aren’t helpfull at all when tattooing.

If you follow these simple rules there shouldn’t be any problems.

your Stilbruch Tätowierungen team

Tattoo Aftercare

For lasting joy of your new tattoo read the following instructions carefully.

When the session is finished your tattoo will be treated with vaseline and covered in a temporary bandage to keep it clean and keep it from sticking to your cloth.

8 hours later this cover needs to be removed. Clean your new tattoo with some warm water and some pH-neutral soap. After that dry your tattoo carefully with paper towels.

For the first few days clean the tattoo three times a day. Dry it carefully and cover it with a thin layer of an antiseptic ointment.

During the healing process, which takes about 4 weeks, keep out of direct sunlight. No Sauna or tanning salon. Also try to do without bathing or pools. This will soak your skin which isn’t helpful for the healing process. Simple showering is best.

No tight or very heavy cloth for the next days. This is just added stress to you skin.

After roughly 4 weeks the skin should have healed quite good but is still this where the new tattoo is. So use sun protection or cover the area with clothing.

Important! Be patient! No scraping or scratching!

If you follow these simple rules there shouldn’t be any trouble with you new tattoo.

If you got questions or problems feel free to contact us imediatly.


stilbruch Tätowierungen
Oderstraße 9, Friedrichshain, 10247 Berlin

tel. +49 152 22 47 48 25
e-mail. stilbruch-tattoo@gmx.de

Tue, Thu, Fri 12 am - 5 pm
Saturday 11 am - 2 pm

and by appointment

For consultation and for making an appointment please visit our shop. If you’ re planing to visit from a long distance please give us a call first.

When making an appointment a cash deposit is necessary.

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So you can reach us:

Zone B

S-Bahn and Underground station Frankfurter Allee
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therefrom 10 minutes on foot or by tram M13 to Station Scharnweberstr./Weichselstr.

Underground station Samariterstr.

therefrom 5 minutes on foot to our Studio on Oderstr. 9